Danielle Peterson

Being raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have become geographically inclined to many areas in the region. Although I have spent most of my time around the Puget Sound, I have explored clear over to Spokane, down to Vancouver, and all the small towns in between.

At the age of 22, I became a Managing Member of a family owned and operated roofing company. This has not only assisted me in obtaining many skills needed to become a successful leader, but has also aided me in understanding and fulfilling the needs of homeowners. I consider myself dedicated, hard working, and one who pays attention to detail. I chose to become affiliated with Coldwell Banker Bain because they hold the same values as I. I know they will not only support me, but also give me the knowledge to become a successful real estate broker. I truly value the relationships that I build with my clients, and so do they!

Because of my knowledge in construction, I was able to purchase my first home, and renovate the whole property from the inside, out! After feeling the amount of success the project brought, It has made me very intrigued, as I plan on investing in and flipping more properties.

I attended the Rockwell Institute in Bellevue, WA to obtain the credentials needed to receive my Washington State Real Estate License.

When I'm not working with clients or getting my hands dirty on a construction site, I'm spending time with my friends, family, and two dogs. Although I love working and meeting new people, I always make sure I have time for my friends and family. After all, I would not be here without them.

I look forward to working with you in the future, with all of your real estate needs! As Coldwell Banker Bain says, "Put Our Knowledge On Your Side!"